These vintage finds will bring a nostalgic magic to your garden.

These vintage finds will bring a nostalgic magic to your garden.

Whether you’re a town dweller with a patio space or out in the countryside with a garden (lucky you!), here are some vintage finds to bring a note of nostalgic charm right to your back door. Rustic benches, trailing with ivy, or bloom filled vintage planters, iron wrought seats and Biergarten tables, there is something for every space regardless of size of style. Enjoy this hand picked selection below…

These pretty white iron wrought garden chairs would look lovely dotted around a little table, for sunny mornings sitting out with a coffee or lazy evening wine chats with a friend.

Why go for plastic planters when you can find something brimming with rustic character, like this antique copper pot? Originally used for making caramel – yum! – it would look wonderful now with flowers tumbling over the edges.

With the arrival of warmer weather, balmy evenings are just around the corner. Don’t stay cooped up indoors, it’s time to head into the garden and break out your favourite summery beverage! Whether a pitcher of home made sangria or a delicious fruit juice, it’s so much more fun to drink out of beautiful glassware. This set of Bohemian royal blue glasses is just the thing.

This is a classic ‘French’ garden bench, made from iron legs and wooden slats. Outdoors furniture always looks more charming when a bit weathered, as if it’s an enchanting secret garden that has been discovered by just you and whoever is lucky enough to share it. Enjoy the sunshine on this bench with a good book!

If you have enough outdoor space, one of these fantastic vintage folding tables is a stylish way to add seating. Germany’s iconic Biergarten tables are perfect for a garden dining area with their signature dark green bases and long benches. Plus, they fold and so are easy to move around!

Or for a more intimate outdoor space, find a classic round table like this French antique version to gather everyone around. Wrought iron tables last a very long time and only look better as they weather. Pair them with matching chairs or mix and match… the garden can be as relaxed and eclectic a combination of styles as you wish!

There’s something in the garden collection for all outdoor spaces! Find something lovely for your garden or patio here.

Image credit: decoratifo.com

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