Using Colour: Recreate this Eclectic Yellow Room with Confidence

Using Colour: Recreate this Eclectic Yellow Room with Confidence

This vibrant eclectic space is quite the design feat. Embracing – rather than running away from (like most of us) – a combination of all primary colours, the designer of this room has brilliantly swept together a host of bright colour references, patterns and forms. The block of yellow wall is broken up by other key aspects of the design to create an eclectic, but not overwhelming, dining space. Not all of us have a designer’s natural eye though, so how we are meant to attempt something as daring as this AND pull it off? Read on and be filled with confidence!

  1. Choose a strong piece of central furniture

A statement piece of furniture could be a sofa, a cabinet, a bed frame… the list goes on. This particular dining room definitely calls for a fabulous chunky table around which to gather friends and family. Tables come in all shapes and styles. You might prefer something rustic and weathered or sleek and elegant. This one below is a gleaming Italian Art Deco creation, we like the robust curving legs! The warm tone of the wood also works well with the yellow walls, a darker wood might lead to a slightly waspish look. It also complements the other bright colour references running throughout the space. Shop all tables here.

2. Colourful chairs!

Green and yellow are fairly close cousins and definitely play off against each other very well in this interior. They’re bold colours and so we wouldn’t advise having too much of both shades. This dining room works really well because the supporting colours are woven throughout the space in fairly small – yet noticeable – doses. The chairs play an important role and are a great way to bring another colour on board. We’re drawn to these Czech vintage dining chairs from 1967 and the gorgeous sea-green upholstery of the chairs. This cooler green will lend a more sophisticated note than something much brighter… although go as zany as you dare! Shop green chairs here.

3. Throw in a great rug

What’s not to love about a good ‘ole Beni Ourain, a vintage favourite for some time now. With a cacophony of bright colours unfurling in this dining room, the soft cream neutrality of this famous rug calms the space whilst still adding texture and pattern. A clever design move. Shop Beni Ourain rugs here.

4. Bright accessories

Notice the vibrant dash of colour introduced to the room by the fabulous blue lamp? This room is achieving the design impossible by combining together all the primary colours in one fell swoop. And yet it works so well because the designer has chosen to give yellow the star role… note that the other colours play accent roles. They are not competing for attention but rather all come together in a supporting chorus! The quirky nature of this 1950s table lamp is well suited to this upbeat interior and adds a welcome note of July sky blue. Shop table lamps here.

5. Find sculptural pieces

To use the technical term, this ‘antiquey’ chair below is a nice way to anchor all these bright colours floating around. Too much dark furniture would clash but one unique piece serves to balance the space out. This is enhanced by the delicate spindle details which contrast with the vast expanses of block colour we see across the walls and other pieces of furniture. They really help to break up the room. The spindly black chair in the original room plays an almost sculptural role… note that the success of this design is just as much down to form as it is colour. Experiment with playing smooth curving lines off against more complex forms to create a unharmonious harmony! Here are some great Windsor chairs like this one below.

6. Unleash the inner art lover

Splash a dose of inspiring art across the room. Whether through a single statement piece, a gallery wall or even smaller pieces dotted throughout the space, having pieces around that catch your eye help to create a characterful environment. Don’t worry if the art poses great existential questions or if it should look like it belongs in the Tate. Fill the room with art that inspires you! It could be abstract or it could be a highly stylised film poster. We quite the like the striking linearity and pastel shades found in the paintings below, which are Abstract Compositions By Yiannis Kadras. Shop all wall art here!

Here are our Top tips to get started on creating an eclectic interior:

  • Start with just one piece you love. The room will grow around it as you gradually add things to the space over time.
  • Have fun with it and experiment! Through trial and error you’ll stumble into something you love.
  • Avoid an overly symmetrical layout. Note how the some of the most inspiring spaces are intentionally unbalanced.
  • Likewise, try not to be too matchy-matchy. Avoid jarring colours but don’t be afraid to put bold colours next to each other either!
  • …And if you’re unsure of a colour palette, find a photo in which you love the colours. It could be a bouquet of flowers or a sunset sky! Then note how the natural colours complement each other and use them as guide for your own scheme.

Want to see all of the pieces we’ve selected for this dining room? Click right here.

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Image credit: domino.com

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