These vintage finds will transform your child’s bedroom into a realm of imagination.

Designing a bedroom for children is enormous fun. There is no limit to the imagination when it comes to the theme… step out of your comfort zone and embrace a palette of more whimsical colours, or create a dreamscape full of inspiring accessories. From balloon lamps – think Mary Poppins! – to stylish Scandinavian toys, we think that these vintage designs will transform a child’s living area into a world of imagination.

Spring Edit: Inspiration for Mixing Pink and Green

Now that we know what shades will be trending this season let’s take a moment to talk about a beautiful color combo that’s been shaking the interior design world for the past two years – pink and green. Sleek and luxurious, this lively pair is probably the very best of the springtime interior colour palette and it has been picking up speed since early 2017.

Trend Alert: The Revival of Vintage IKEA

Ikea is beloved by many for its accessible and sleek designs but were you aware the brilliantly unique collection of vintage Ikea finds on Vinterior? Read on!

This Danish designer is the name behind many of the most loved Scandinavian designs.

We know you are used to us unearthing quality vintage pieces for you, but today we would like to bring your attention to a person instead. Kai Kristiansen is one of the best furniture designers Danish Modern has to offer, and yet his name remains a relatively well-kept secret in the design circles ready to be exploited by well-educated collectors!

Fill your home with character: five vintage alternatives to boring hallway furniture

Your entrance way is the first space you encounter when you get home and marks the passage from the outside world into your cosy retreat. It should be a pleasant space to greet you and anyone who stops by. We’ve had a look through the annals of Vinterior to find some really creative – and stylish! – vintage solutions.

Colour crush: Our hand-picked selection of green vintage gems

‘To look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment,’ said Jane Austen. Plenty of exposure to this verdure – simply meaning green – has been proving its beneficial qualities to us since time immemorial. Known for its ability to both soothe and invigorate, green is a colour associated with life, vitality, calm and hope. Green can make for an unusual colour in the modern home, despite its celebrated status throughout history (the Ancient Egyptians were fans). Companies like Little Greene and Farrow & Ball are doing much to boost the confidence of green lovers when it comes to decor – Breakfast Room Green by F&B is to die for – but we think furniture is another fabulous way to introduce this exalted colour into the home.

Image: luxdeco.com

Below is a selection of some particularly gorgeous green vintage finds! From glass lobster plates to sleek curving dining chairs, these beauties will make your more neutral accessories go green with envy…

Find all of the products above, from left to right…

Click here to see the entire green collection on Vinterior

Image: design-seeds.com

Title image credit: thisisglamourous.com

The Vinterior gallery: 20th century greats which will add a splash of colour and form to your home.

Vinterior is above all known for our expansive collection of unique vintage and antique furniture. Look a little further and you may also happen across an unexpected wealth of artworks and prints, featuring among them a host of artistic gems from the 20th century.

These vintage finds will bring a nostalgic magic to your garden.

These vintage finds will bring a nostalgic magic to your garden. Rustic benches, trailing with ivy, or bloom filled vintage planters, iron wrought seats and Biergarten tables, there is something for every space regardless of size of style.

The best of Czech design: Feast your eyes on chairs by Jindřich Halabala and Antonín Šuman

Czech chair designs from the 20th century are currently among the highest in demand. Celebrated designers such as Antonín Šuman and Jindřich Halabala are being sought by designers across the world. We wanted to bring the best of their work directly to your door. Enjoy this selection below and enjoy browsing the full collection!

Fill your home with colour: Interior colour trends for Spring/Summer 2019

Pastels are still here, of course, but according to Pantone Colour Institute (the most famous colour authority in the world), seasons ahead will be coloured in rich, warm hues we usually associate with Autumn. We bring you Pantone colour predictions for Spring/Summer 2019, but also what we learned by analysing what runaways and the biggest furniture fairs brought so far. Let’s have a look at what’s cooking!