Meet Melanie from vintage restoration company Revived and Restored. We asked her about why she took this route into restoring furniture and the ups and downs of life as a vintage dealer!

Melanie from Revived & Restored

I became a vintage furniture dealer because…. I was an interior designer for ten years and had customised my own furniture for many years prior to this.  I couldn’t always source for a client what I was looking for although I knew exactly what I wanted “in my head”. I also felt that although mass produced furniture has its place in the market, I wanted to salvage good quality furniture that people had fallen out of love with and give it a whole new lease of life.

More recently my father Mike Castree, who is a recently retired accountant, was looking for a new venture. We decided that a common bond which linked us together was our flair for design in homes and furnishings and our appreciation of “something a little bit different”.

– The designs which inspire me the most are… those which are inspired my surroundings, things I have seen in everyday life and it just goes in to my memory bank  I then interoperate it  into a piece of furniture.

– My favourite piece… was our larder/pantry which we sold on Vinterior. This was a labour of love, it was constructed from a good quality wardrobe (although it was broken when we bought it at auction) our carpenter customised if from my designs, it was our largest and most expensive piece to date.

– When sourcing furniture, I look for… its shape.

– The best thing about vintage furniture is… the quality, it is so much heavier and sturdier than modern mass produced furniture and has its own individuality.

– The most challenging aspect of life as a furniture dealer is… storage! We are just about to extend our workshop which is a purpose built stable in a two acre field, to store much more furniture to customise and to ensure that our processes are run more efficiently.

– One thing that really inspires me is… a calming environment, the countryside where I live and work.

– A perfect day off would look like… a spa day, whilst being pampered, I would be taking in the surroundings too, as I just can’t help it!

– A cause close to my heart is… is Samaritans, as I worked there as a volunteer. I like helping people, it’s in my nature.

– I would have a beer/coffee with… George Clarke, as I love his enthusiasm for getting the most out of a small space. I would try a use his knowledge to incorporate into our furniture somehow – after our coffee or beer.

– A quality I value in other people is… empathy.

– Nostalgia to me is… my great childhood playing outside on my roller boots outside with my friends.

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