Spring Inspiration for  Maximalist Interiors

Spring Inspiration for Maximalist Interiors

While the first signs of spring are beginning to emerge, showering us with colour, fresh air and lovely scents of seasonal flowers, we cannot but notice that our interiors too are coming out of hibernation. After a long Scandinavian winter when minimalist, pared-back interiors reigned supreme, we are slowly but firmly waking up to a season of opulence and creativity in interior design.

The maximalist aesthetic is no longer associated exclusively with artfully arranged homes of creatives. A growing number of people is looking to turn their spaces into livable pieces of art, designed to spark joy and express personal values and obsessions. In the days of mass-produced everything, we find ourselves longing for authenticity and our own, unique way to express the deepest desires and passions that make us who we are. And that’s why we are so eager to embrace maximalism in our interiors!

Our homes are not just places that serve a function and offer solutions to our daily needs. They are soulful spaces where we dream, love, create and heal. They set the stage for the life we want to live and pay homage to our journey and values.

photography: Alison Gootee styling: Suzonne Stirling

The Spring of Maximalist Interiors - Vinterior

Tropical Birds Wallpaper

It takes a lot of courage and self-reflection to put together an exciting maximalist interior concept. It is not so much about the individual items, but more about how they dance with each other. True maximalist interiors are unapologetically glamorous, but still very approachable and highly liveable.

The inexperienced eye would be quick to notice just how eclectic and random these rooms seem and assume that you can mix and match anything you love and finish with a tasteful look. However, this cannot be further from the truth!

If the maximalist aesthetic sings to you and you are looking for inspiration and ideas on how to embrace the opulence in your home this spring, follow along as we are about to break down the process of putting together a maximalist interior space and help you get a good grasp on what’s truly important to keep in mind.

photography: Annie Schlechter

Vintage Retro Mustard / Gold Wingback Chair Armchair Parker Knoll, 1960s

Mid Century Danish Yellow Lounge Chair, 1960s

Early 20th Century, Italy Art Nouveau Armchair Hand Carved Walnut, Yellow Velvet

Louis Philippe Sofa

Vintage Antique Red Two Seater Napoleon Iii Tub Sofa Victorian

Neoclassical Bronze And Brass Adjustable Floor Lamp With Swanheads

One step at a time

If you are looking to liven up your home with a touch of maximalism, but you are not yet ready (or don’t know how) to go all in and invite a clash of colours and patterned upholstery into the mix, we advise you to start small and see where it will lead you. After all, spring is a perfect time for new beginnings.

Throw in a couple of colourful cushions or jazz up the walls with some funky artwork to see how this new look sits with you. If the experiment goes well, before revamping the entire living room, try adding some drama in the hallway or any other space that is not overly big (it will be less expensive if you end up changing your mind eventually). Dark colour paint or some bold wallpaper will have a great impact on a tiny space and show you what kind of mood you are about to achieve if you invite them all to your living room.

photography: Heidi’s Bridge

Vintage Retro Vitra Eames Dax Plastic Armchair With Seat Cushion

Loose Cushion Chair By Ray & Charles Eames For Herman Miller

Jungle Rumble Parrot

Faunacation Wallpaper

Think it through

Make a plan. Without it, chances are you will only create a visual mess of an overstuffed room or a full-blown sensory overload experience you might not be able to handle in the long run.

Choose your colour scheme wisely and stick to it. It is all about the layers and the way they lead the eye to travel across the room. Remember, we are striving to curate the collection of all our collections and finally, make it feel as a whole. In maximalist interiors, balance is everything!

Find a link between different pieces and scatter them across the room in a way that will create symmetry. This is a crucial part! The difference between a wow and meh effect will depend on how successful you are in identifying the common theme between the objects and how skillfully you manage to organize them. If you nail this part, you will be able to create a layer upon layer of beauty and memorabilia, and ultimately, end up with a more complex look.

photography: Michael Wells

Rufous Tile Wallpaper

Zsa Zsa Wallpaper

Mid Century Danish Three Seater Sofa / Bed In Yellow, 1960’S

Biedermeier Sofa Couch Honey Color, 3 4 Seat, Swedish, 19th Century Empire

Pink Roses Still Life Oil Painting Signed Framed Original Vintage Oil Painting Flowers Painting Floral

Don’t shy away from telling your story

Hone your aesthetic in a way that sparks joy and makes you feel happy in your home. Maximalism is the epitome of opulence, passion and free spirit, and as such it doesn’t make sense if it doesn’t follow you and your story.

Drawing inspiration from others is always a good idea but remember – you don’t want to mimic someone else’s style, but rather learn from their experiments, and take what feels right for you personally.

Don’t shy away from living out loud. If some quirky furniture piece or a colour combo resonates with you, who cares if it doesn’t really match the rest of the room? If you genuinely love it, it will work. It might require a small intervention to balance it in the space (creating a new layer of objects with a common link), but it will still work like a charm.

Maximalist interiors should be exciting, engaging and offer a challenge. In this visual theatre more is always more and you are the star of the show.

image credit: Patrick Mele

Animal Print Cotton Linen Blue & Pink Fabric

‘Stripes’ White And Blue Wallpaper

Antique Kelardasht Rug

Antique Turkish Rug Wool Oriental Hand Made Old Vintage Rare Carpet

Sunkyan Sa

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Turn up the volume and play with scale, colour wheel, patterns and texture. Marry the old world charm with the youthful spirit and stage your home for a life full of beauty and freedom.

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