Green Vintage Sofas You’ll Fall in Love With

Green Vintage Sofas You’ll Fall in Love With

Green is probably a colour we’re all hankering after right now. Winter draws to a close and Spring is on the way! Green is a wonderful colour to use in the home through every season. In the cooler months, green velvet on sofas and chairs reflects the rich glowing jewel tones we see during the Autumn. In Spring and Summer, its natural vibrancy helps us to bring a sense of the outdoors in. Green is both calming and invigorating… as humans we’re programmed to need it! Green sofas have a been a brilliant way to add a stylish splash of colour… here is a selection of our favourites on Vinterior.

  1. Apple green 1960s Czech sofa

2. Vintage green sofa by Folke Ohlsson

3. Sofa designed by Kerstin Hörlin-Holmquist

4. Mid century walnut framed sofa 

5. 1960s Green Leather Chesterfield 

6. Sofa set by Aksel Bender Madsen for Bovenkamp, 1960s

7. Danish teak and velvet sofa with matching armchairs

We have many more vintage green sofas on Vinterior… want to see them all? Click here!

Title image credit: Apartment Therapy

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