Seven British G Plan Designs You’ll Love.

Seven British G Plan Designs You’ll Love.

G Plan is often one of the first brands which leaps to mind when thinking of mid century vintage furniture. Celebrated for its sleek and simple designs, G Plan plays a proud part in the history of British 20th century furniture design. The makers behind G Plan have achieved not only furniture which appeals visually but it is also built to last. Pieces made in the middle of the last century are still going strong and are a tribute to the hallmark of all exceptional design: function in addition to beauty (and vice versa!). We’ve assembled some of our favourite pieces… from coffee tables to desks, it’s all there. Enjoy!

G Plan Coffee Table

This round coffee table is a G Plan classic. Made out of teak and glass, its elegant curving contours create a pleasing contrast with more angular pieces in a room for a more dynamic look.

G Plan Sideboard

G Plan is a celebration of really simple design – on a visual level. The skilled craftsmanship behind these pieces allow them to function smoothly, even over decades of every day use. The depth of this sideboard below has plenty of room for storage.

G Plan Tallboy Chest of Drawers

This tallboy chest of drawers features the signature G Plan curling handles. See how the rolling leaf on the front of each drawers creates a stylish alternative to the traditional handle.

G Plan Wingback Armchair and Footstool in Blue Wool

The wingback armchair is a wonderful and easily recognisable mid century design. It’s versatile character means that it fits perfectly into both formal and casual settings. This beautiful rendition of the wingback armchair below is upholstered in a deep royal blue wool… dreamy!

G Plan Fresco Chair

The simple curved back of these dining chairs is another key feature of G Plan chair design. The design serves to help the occupant sit upright without any sense of uncomfortable rigidity. Better still, these vintage frames can be upholstered in the velvet of your choice. Create something fabulous!

G Plan Dressing Table with Mirror

The G in G Plan definitely stands for ‘gorgeous’ with this stylish dressing table. Note the gently curving contours of the otherwise rectangular mirror. This subtle detail contributes to the retro feel of this celebrated vintage design. It’s also a larger than normal mirror… perfect for getting ready!

G Plan Floating Desk

The iconic floating desk has a layered surface which gives the piece a very light appearance whilst providing plenty of work space (and lots of storage!). The top of this desk has a secret drawer that’s lined in purple velvet. Imagine the work you’d get done at this desk!

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