A constant pursuit for perfection and over glorified allure of everything that’s new has shaped society in a way that’s making everything, including our homes, disposable. The terms the thing of the moment and this season’s most sought-after look (ready to be replaced in moment’s notice) are no longer associated only with fast fashion, but with furniture and decor, too. This is not just an eco-horror story, but it’s also making homeowners feel less about themselves and pressures them to jump the latest trend wagons, or they will have to put up with their hideously outdated interiors no one could possibly appreciate.

What nonsense! And luckily, we’ve finally arrived to the point where people are saying – no more!

We do not need perfect, mass-produced items in the colour of the year (unless we are going to enjoy their charm even once the craze settles down). We do not need overpriced pieces that lose half of their value the moment they exit the store. We do not need everything new. What we do need is quality, handmade furniture with style that can serve its purpose for years to come. The pieces that will grow with us over time and celebrate our imperfect lives by supporting us in all of our highs and lows. Sturdy, reliable partners that showcase our character and tell a story about our values and heritage.

It is no longer about trends. It is not about the image someone else created for you. It is about you and the way you choose to live in your home.

We find this newly discovered desire for uniqueness and a great appreciation for traditional designs and the environment so precious! A growing number of us is turning to the past in order to build our homes for the future, and that’s where we all fall in love with the antiques over and over again.

It is no wonder why antiques come as a foolproof strategy for creating timelessly chic interiors. The way they shine next to contemporary or mid century modern furniture is just insane! They bring character and create a sense of stability and class, while singing praises to bygone days and lifestyles.

We founded Vinterior to empower you to find the ideal pieces for putting together your creative home puzzle. Our collection of antiques is carefully curated to provide you with the most beautiful furniture and decor pieces with century-long memories to share. Antiques are always high on demand as their value only grows over time. But they are usually scarce and often entirely unique, so if you spot anything that makes your heart sing, get your hands on it before someone else does!

Here are our top ten antique finds you can source right now.

  1.  Antique Edwardian Solid Oak Dresser Cupboard Sideboard Cabinet Made By Merry Weather And Son

10 Stunning Antique Finds for Creating a Timeless Home - Vinterior

This antique Edwardian storage unit was built back in the early 1900s and has been restored to its full glory. It comes in a natural state, but can be coloured on demand (free of charge). It displays great craftsmanship and such beautiful decorative details, while at the same time providing significant storage space.

  1. Antique Victorian Mahogany Spoon Backed Armchair 19th-Century

10 Stunning Antique Finds for Creating a Timeless Home - Vinterior

Just picture this spoon-backed Victorian armchair from the 1860s next to the cupboard you’ve just seen above. The deep moulded mahogany frame with cabriole legs features lush pink velvet upholstery and comes in an excellent condition, ready to be used.

  1. Antique Large Wrought Iron Gate Doors

10 Stunning Antique Finds for Creating a Timeless Home - Vinterior

Hardly any doors scream class in such sophisticated way as this Regency-style gate does. The sturdy, eye-catching iron frame with decorative geometric shapes and details, shows its true historical value by keeping the original distressed look. Built back in the 1850s this gate is a real one-of-a-kind catch!

  1. Antique Wall Mirror, English, Victorian, Gilt Gesso, Classical Taste, Circa 1880

10 Stunning Antique Finds for Creating a Timeless Home - Vinterior

Speaking of antiques, we cannot but share at least one Victorian mirror with you here. The ultimate elegance of these pieces is achieved through elaborate details with a golden finish, and this particular one is a brilliant example of scrolls and foliate details done right.

  1. Vintage Caucasian Karabagh Rug

10 Stunning Antique Finds for Creating a Timeless Home - Vinterior

Handwoven back in the 1910s this Caucasian antique rug in terracotta and pale blue features florals, surrounded by authentic Gol farangi design, and some romantic signs of wear that only add to its beauty.

  1. Stunning Antique Button Back Sofa Settee & Armchair Rosewood Victorian10 Stunning Antique Finds for Creating a Timeless Home - Vinterior10 Stunning Antique Finds for Creating a Timeless Home - Vinterior

If you are looking for an antique sitting with a statement, don’t look further than this set of the 19th-century Victorian button back sofa and armchair. These pieces are not only beautiful, but they are also incredibly comfortable and can be a great investment for the future. They come in superb condition as they’ve just been restored and reupholstered.

  1. Antique Flemish Still Life Painting From 18th-Century

10 Stunning Antique Finds for Creating a Timeless Home - Vinterior

This impressive 18th-century Flemish painting is a true collectable! The painting has undergone a conservative restoration and comes with a gilded frame with some beautiful patina on its surface.

  1. 1900s Empire Style 6-Arm Chandelier

10 Stunning Antique Finds for Creating a Timeless Home - Vinterior

The French Empire chandelier you can see above comes in working condition and ready to enlighten any interior space in need of some mood booster. Six elegant ducks carry six candle-shaped lights and bring beautiful golden and green accents to the room.

  1. Antique Armchairs in Pink Velvet

10 Stunning Antique Finds for Creating a Timeless Home - Vinterior

The easiest way to add a regal touch to the living room is by opting for luxurious sitting. Don’t fear for your wallet, though! This sweet Venetian elegance doesn’t come with a ridiculous price tag and we can certainly agree about its royalty worthiness.

  1. Antique Victorian Hall Stand 19th-Century Bamboo Coat Rack, Umbrella Stand and Stick Stand

10 Stunning Antique Finds for Creating a Timeless Home - Vinterior

Every boho lover’s dream, this 19th-century French bamboo hall stand with an asymmetrical mirror is a steal!

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Feature image: Traditional Homes