Bring Seasonal Glamour with these Wintry Jewel Tones

Bring Seasonal Glamour with these Wintry Jewel Tones

Summer may seem like a distant memory as Autumn swells around us, but that doesn’t mean that we should be any less creative with bringing bold colours into the interior space.

At this time of year, many make a departure from playing with bright summer prints in favour of calming Scandinavian natural hues. We become more inward, seeking the comfort of our homes over the wintry weather baying at the front door. Shades of russet and cinnamon lend immediate warmth to a room but we shouldn’t set the bar at cosy neutrals.

The Autumn season is a rich time to introduce dramatic and bold colours into our homes. The natural landscape around us is bursting with dewy moss greens, glowing amber, dark rich burgundy and damson reds. These jewel tones allow us to create a space which large_slipper-cocktail-chair-in-olive-green-ice-velvetis both dynamic and intimate in a season made for retreating into cosy spaces. I have curated a collection of eye catching vintage pieces which make for a happy marriage of these autumnal hues and textures.

Embody the richness of the season by referencing a variety of sumptuous materials like velvet, leather and rosewood. Curling up on a wintry night on a velvet sofa (an Old Fashioned in one hand, optional) is the perfect antidote to a busy day. For years velvet was dismissed as being a bit outdated, so we’re thrilled that this supple and gorgeous fabric has made a such a glorious return to interiors, adorning furniture which is both sophisticated and cosy. Not to mention that it is incredibly tough and durable, rendering it a great choice for both the domestic and commercial realm. Whether bright or muted, velvet shows off colour beautifully and is a fantastic way to add a statement dash of colour to a space. A brightly coloured velvet sofa is not for the faint of heart, although a less commanding pair of velvet cocktail chairs will also provide a playful yet sophisticated note to your home.


Chestnut or chocolate coloured leather is another rich seasonal hue to bring autumnal flavour to a room, serving to complement cooler fabric tones of emerald green, moss and teal. Leather comfortably spans the spectrum from traditional to contemporary, all the while providing a comforting yet stylish dose of warmth. This could be in the form of a statement sofa – think the revered Chesterfield– or a cosy corner chair, preferably situated close to the fireplace! For a more relaxed feel, opt for a warm chestnut or caramel leather. A cooler tone – go 70% cocoa chocolate, or darker if you dare – will large_pair-of-brown-leather-chesterfield-wing-chairsprovide a more formal air. Rosewood is another glorious material readily available in many enticing forms, from mid century sideboards to exquisite antique desks or bureaus. For those who have already gone bold with moody charcoal or dark interiors this winter, rosewood – indeed any warm-blooded wood – will serve sleekly to break up the space. This rich wood offers a satin-like sheen, creating a dynamic contrast with other fabrics and leathers in a room.

If you’re set on the furniture side, consider adding playful touches of jewel-like colour through accessories. This can be a brilliant opportunity to get experimental with introducing other diverse materials without committing to making too much of a statement. Glass is famous for its ability to ensnare brilliant flares of colour, whether this finds itself in the form of a large bowl on the coffee table or a set of vibrant coloured amberglasses on the dresser. Styling a corner with smaller items is a discreet yet highly effective way to slowly introduce bolder colours into your home and you will quickly notice how a colour palette begins to take shape. If you’re feeling more confident, there are many exceptional pendant lights and sconces to be found, like these stunning vintage amber Murano wall sconces above. These not only catch the light with their deep amber tones but suspended from the wall, the tubular design naturally adds texture to what can sometimes be a fairly bland or neglected space.

So, this season is not to be wasted! Summer naturally appeals to our desire for colour and pattern, but the colder seasons offer equal inspiration in the form of glowing jewel tones and succulent materials. Whether playful, sophisticated, glamorous or cosy, jewel tones lend themselves generously to all interiors. Many of them are to be found on Vinterior… assembled in this collection are but a few of our favourites so keep an eye out for more jewels as they appear!


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