Furniture With A Story: Japanese Innovation


This series puts a spotlight on pieces that are truly special and have a fascinating story behind them.

This week, we’re looking at the inspired designs of Di-Classe…. We were fortunate enough to visit Domei and Anri at Design Junction and see the products up close and personal.

The ‘Foresti’ collection stems from the idea of bringing nature indoors. The intricate leaves bring a natural feel to the forest into the home. Notice how the shadows are given as much focus as the lighting piece itself.


Mini Foresti Pendant Lamp – £325

Orland Pendant Lamp – £157

The final piece of the ‘Foresti’ collection is a masterpiece in our opinion! Created from handcut leaves, this piece has then been coated in a white paint which has been mixed with a Japanese formula. When activated by weak ultraviolet rays from fluorescent light bulbs, a photocatalyst reaction occurs and purifies the air and absorbs bad odours. This technique is used widely in Japan when painting the walls. We think the UK could benefit from this type of thinking.


Paper Foresti Pendant Lamp – £365

Look closely at this lamp. What does it remind you of? We spoke to Domei about his inspirations – the lamp is named Arles as when Domei was travelling, whilst in Arles he saw a woman holding her hat in the French breeze. Can you see it?


Arles Table Lamp – £120

This final piece is a fun one, yet still has some lovely intentions behind it. The flame can be blown out just like a real candle. Also, the light of this is gives a warm flickering glow and has been proven to help insomnia. If you’re looking for a Christmas stocking filler, we recommend this! london-led-candle.jpg

Cuore Graphico LED Candle – £10

Click here to view Di-Classe’ full collection


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