Introducing: The Aurora Armchair


We are very excited to introduce the launch of the Aurora chair by Matthew Pinter.

We spoke with Matthew about the chair as we wanted to understand the magic behind the masterpiece. Here’s what he had to say…

‘Since 2015, we have dealt with renovating and upholstering mid-century furniture. Our work’s reward is the hundreds of satisfied customers, whose homes are filled with our armchairs.

The remanufacturing process began from the first month since we started the renovation business. Why wouldn’t we make something which combines the sleek lines of MCM furniture and the benefits of modern manufacturing and series production?

There was one piece which totally stood out from the other dozen Eastern Bloc designs and that was the Tatra armchair. Deep in my heart, I want to continue the legacy of these strange bent plywood armrests, but at that time we didn’t have the technical support, so we left it and started to prepare the production of a simpler armchair based on a Hungarian design. Although we decided not to go with this design, it was worth it, because as soon as I held it in my hands I knew it was a mistake. It was just a chair! 

That was the point that I thought I want to create something everlasting in the field of mid-century design. This was my heart’s desire. But I also knew my desires alone were not enough. We found furniture designer Zoltán Nagyapáti, who has a masters degree at Moholy Nagy University of Art and Design, a very talented furniture designer!

 We started the design process at the end of 2016, and after a few versions, the almost definitive plan was born.

Once the the final plan was generated, it was time to create a sample piece for the further measuring and designing process. In the absence of time and professionals, I made the sample piece from plywood in one morning. It was surprisingly comfortable. The bent armrests were simulated from cardboard!


After a long and desperate search we found a joinery firm that made the frame and another firm that specialised in making twisted bentwood. Both of the companies have decades of experience and they often deal with orders of thousands of pieces. I literally begged them to made the frames and the armrests. I knew I needed professionals who could cope with large orders.

Work eventually started the following September. Everything was great, finally we could hold the first armrest and first frame in our hands. We felt indescribable joy!

After making sure that all the sizes and proportions were correct, we decided to produce twenty pieces of the frame. When we looked at the result, we immediately knew that it was going to blow people’s minds. Luckily we could do the upholstery job ourselves.

A few days later Aurora was finally was born. Honestly, it was one of the happiest days of my life.

I’m not saying that we didn’t face any difficulties, and we realise that there are so many little details we can still work on and perfect, but I strongly feel that we have found our own way and created the form which can truly leave a mark in European furniture design history.

When shaping its form our goal was to create curves that combine art deco and mid-century style with modern materials and manufacturing techniques. The main objective was to create a unique armchair that is both a mid-century design, and brave enough to be different, thereby outshining all other design armchairs. The material of the Aurora armchair was carefully chosen from quality wood and textile.

The recipe of our masterpiece:

1.    Take an impressive form, with elements and joins that are the end result of a thoroughly deliberated conception.

2.    Cover the unfinished wooden frame with a color that your heart desires.

3.    Finally, dress it with fabrics which equally indulge your eyes, skin and your soul. You can choose from exclusive wool or other high-quality fabrics.

The result:

The gem of your living room, and the reason for those persistent compliments from your friends.’

To view the Aurora chair click here





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