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Wall Art

Vintage Wall Art

Our colourful collection of vintage wall art comes in various forms, including paintings, posters, and prints. These lovely vintage wall decorations display portraits, captivating landscapes, and vibrant advertisements from years past. Place distinctive black and white vintage wall art in your home above your bed, desk, or table or display a vintage movie poster for maximum impact on your interior vision. Define your style even further and curate vintage-style wall art with contemporary pieces for an eclectic collection all your own.

By partnering with dedicated vintage sellers across Europe, we’re able to offer vintage lovers and sustainable shoppers a varied selection of vintage-style wall art for sale in our marketplace. Shop hundreds of pieces of unframed and framed vintage wall art for sale in our collection and buy direct from one of our trusted sellers today.

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Vintage bathroom wall art curated by trusted sellers

The bathroom is a relaxing place to unwind and re-energise. In the bathroom, you can lay back in a bubbly, hot bath or unwind under a refreshing shower. Putting it simply, the bathroom is a temple of well-being.

That’s why it’s so essential to create a calming and tranquil environment. An easy way to do that is to incorporate vintage bathroom wall art into your design, transforming the space into a personalised and stylish spa for moments of ease and leisure.

While you can place any vintage wall art or vintage wall decor in your bathroom, we suggest choosing bright and cheerful pieces to invoke calm and happiness. Team your contemporary wall art with complementary pieces of vintage furniture, such as pretty mirrors, balanced lighting, and bathroom cabinets.

Vintage wall prints and posters

Prints and posters are a popular choice of vintage movie wall art—choose from a huge array in our vintage wall art collection. They work in all areas of the home or even a professional space. Vintage kitchen wall art and black and white vintage wall art are particularly popular with customers, interior designers, and collectors alike.

Prints and posters are fabulous for achieving a sophisticated but lived-in atmosphere in modern spaces. Or warming and brightening rooms that have the potential to be cooler, like a hallway or utility room.

Remember, size matters when it comes to framed vintage wall art. As many of our works are reproductions of exquisite original and aged pieces, smaller sizes can be better to preserve the image’s details, quality and integrity. Plus, they’ll be less expensive than larger framed pieces.

Anyone seeking a colour surge to make a confident but classy statement may decide to explore the rich and unique shades available in our vintage wall art collection. They add that extra special feel to any space and make wonderful gifts for birthdays, weddings, and other occasions.

Investing in a piece of vintage wall art is like purchasing a part of history. Whether you choose a print of vintage botanicals or a poster of a legendary rock icon, these pieces will introduce decades past into your contemporary or traditional living spaces.

Vintage wall art in various styles

From intricate 17th century tapestries to more modern photography prints, our vintage wall art collection is hugely varied.

Browse our ever-growing art collection, and you’re sure to fall in love with pieces that fit perfectly in your home.

If you’re looking for something specific, it’s easy to discover your dream art piece. Simply use our search system and adjust the filters to match what you’re looking for. You’ll soon come across an assortment of works sorted to your tastes

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