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When looking to add the right finishing touches to a room, displaying paintings and posters is the foremost choice. Yes, you definitely need art for your walls, but what about tabletops, shelves and mantles? So, when acquiring artwork, don't forget to think in three dimensions. Choosing perfect vintage sculptures is important as they add dimensions to your room and look great displayed on the table. Find art deco, mid-century, plus every vintage sculpture right here at Vinterior.
Sculptures add a distinctive flairMany design enthusiasts say that a living space looks distorted until a fine work of art finds its way to it, and sculptures are a great way to master this. They are available in all shapes, sizes and materials and add a distinctive flair catering to every style and taste. Whether you are looking for a bright modern sculpture to bring a pop into your living room or need a large statue of an animal to put in your garden, the large selection of sculptures at Vinterior will inspire you to add a touch of personality to any space. Types of vintage sculpturesBefore you purchase a vintage sculpture, it is essential to understand the different types. First and foremost, you need to understand the overall style of the room. If space leans more towards a modern style, an abstract sculpture would complement it best, while a bust or more traditional-looking sculpture can align itself with a vintage-inspired room. There are various types of sculptures like the modelling, carving, relief sculpture, sculpture in the round and joining or constructing. Modelling sculptures are the most common types, they are typically made using clay, wax or any other type of pliable, soft medium. Relief sculptures feature an image set against a flat background while sculptures in the round are free-standing like the statues or busts. The carved sculptures are made by removing material to obtain the desired shape instead of adding material to the piece. Buy vintage sculptures online at VinteriorIf you are interested in buying vintage sculptures online, then Vinterior is the best place to source them. We have a wide range of sculptures in bronze, wood, cast iron, metal, ceramic, marble, terracotta, fibreglass and glass. Our current inventory includes pieces in Indian, oriental, religious, classic, Spanish, German, Italian and Victorian styles. Use our online search filter to find the vintage sculptures you need by location, style, colour, period, price, size or designer or contact us with your specific requirements.

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