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Retro posters are stunningly gorgeous works of art created by some of the most talented artists of the yesteryears. Looking at an authentic poster you will notice on first glance that the work is not like the over-photo shopped inkjet retro replicas currently flooding the internet. Original posters are authentic lithographs where the mould was created by the poster artist by hand. This is immediately apparent in the artwork's unique colours and rich textures which are matchless by any modern copy. So, why not add a dose of old school cool to your interior with retro posters from Vinterior.

Why choose retro posters for your home décor?

The retro style is back in vogue and trendy all over again for interior design. Create a retro-modern style in your home by combining the old and the new with help from our retro posters. Adorn your walls with retro posters available in versions of popular school classroom posters, photographs, hand-drawn sketches and a whole lot more. Adorn your home with retro designs to create a place that feels both personal and unique.

Add a sense of uniqueness with retro posters

Retro posters, as well as prints, add a sense of uniqueness and individuality to your interior design. They are original pieces, many over a century old and very rare. You can be certain that few individuals in the world will have the same artwork as you. They add design, colour, texture and energy to even the most modern or contemporary décor. In fact, adding an ornate art nouveau, a streamlined art deco, or a Swiss object poster turns a monochromatic setting into something truly unique and fun.

Retro posters are a great investment

Retro posters are handmade with high-quality inks, so they make for a great investment as well. Unlike a new car or the furniture in your house, retro posters will not plummet in value the moment you remove them from the store. They are highly prized collectables and will go up in value over time. While the prices may fluctuate over the short term they are a very good investment over the long run.

Where to buy retro posters?

Vinterior is a trustworthy vintage marketplace to source retro posters. At our online shop, you can see beautiful posters and wall art collection from 1870 to modern original posters. We do not sell reproductions, only original art from France, Italy, England, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, America and beyond.