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For many of us, art is the perfect way to brighten up our spaces without having to break the bank. Whilst trying to change up sofas, bed frames and tables can be quite costly, adding paintings and artwork can be just as effective and is much quicker than trying to swap out a sofa for a change of scenery!
You can easily source vintage and antique paintings in London thanks to the amazing sellers and dealers all sharing their carefully curated collections on Vinterior. Whether your style is realism, surrealism, pop art or post-modern, you can feed your creative impulses by searching through our immense catalogue, and save time by searching for local pieces closer to you, such as paintings based in London.

Why buy vintage and antique paintings?

As fans of vintage and antiques, we at Vinterior may be biased in saying that there’s nothing better than choosing an older piece. However, there’s a unique quality to buying vintage - there’s a unique history to these pieces. Isn’t it intriguing to wonder the history of certain artists or designers of an era gone by? Or perhaps you’re more inclined to particular artistic movements of the past? When buying vintage or antique paintings, you become a part of that history, and continue to share the stories and ideas represented in these paintings. Paintings found amongst London’s community of dealers adds another dimension to this - they’re part of a community of art aficionados who have their own stories to tell too.

Why buy paintings in London?

Art is something that Londoners hold dear. With the many galleries, installations and institutions dedicated to art, it’s no wonder that there are so many paintings for sale in London listed on Vinterior! Our dealers are dedicated to sharing their love of vintage, antiques and visual art with the world. Join us in our journey to put paintings in the homes of all who love art, and share beautiful pieces with all whom we encounter.