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The art of ceramic wares has existed for thousands of years. The fragile but painstakingly crafted pieces have taken many shapes throughout its existence, being one of the oldest existing human inventions and possibly one of the earliest forms of artwork.

Ceramics from around the world.

The history of ceramics dates back to at least 24,000BC as archaeologists have found remnants of early ceramic wares and pottery in the Czech Republic. These early ceramics took the shape of small human figurines, animals and slabs, and although we know not what these early pieces were used for, it doesn’t stray too far from the ceramics we make today that take the shape of impossibly life-like human and animal figurines.
In 9,000BC more ceramics were being made as functional pieces, such as vessels for carrying water, and to store grain and foods. Ceramics continued to develop and become mass-produced, and were used globally, from Ancient Greek vases to Japanese Kutani porcelain. As these wares grew in popularity so did the appreciation of their appearance and form. Pieces were commissioned and decorated elaborately, depicting historical scenes and used in traditional ceremonies. The pieces that still remain are considered remarkable in their own right for the sheer work that went into creating such delicate pieces and having survived so many years considering their fragility.

Using ceramics around the home.

Ceramics can include precious porcelain and bone china of dinner wares, elaborate sculptures and intricately decorated nineteenth-century vases. With so many varieties of ceramics, there also comes boundless possibilities of using them for interior decoration.

Some tips for using ceramics as decor:

- Try creating a gallery wall of gorgeously details ceramic plates.
- Try using small ceramic cups and jars as unconventional planters.
Experiment with taking traditional antique pieces and using them for newer purposes, and mixing modern with the antique decor in your home.

Whether small or mighty, ceramics can bring a subtle but substantial amount of artistic beauty to home decor.

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